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Standard Paper Sizes

Paper sizes for printing and graphic designs seem to be a difficult subject even with its importance, especially knowing and distinguishing the different sizes. Their usefulness ranges from printing to painting and drawing, to designs and many others. Trying to explain this paper sizes can be some tiresome and so is trying to grasp the explanation words of mouth.

There are many paper size standards, but we will focus solely on the international standard, also known as the ISO 216 standard, which is used throughout the world. The most popular series of the ISO standard is the A series. All the sizes in this series have the alphabet “A” followed by a number. For example, we have A4 which is the most common of the sizes. A4 are commonly used for academic works and letters.

These sizes for printing range from A0 to A8. With A0 being the largest and A8 the Smallest. The table and image below show the sizes of the common sizes in the A series.

Paper sizes Table 

Paper Size Width × Height (mm) Width × Height (cm) Width × Height (inches) Width × Height (pixels)
A0 841×1189 84.1×118.9 33.11×46.811 9,933×14,043
A1 594×841 59.4×84.1 23.386×33.11 7,016×9,933
A2 420×594 42.0×59.4 16.535×23.386 4,961×7,016
A3 297×420 29.7 ×42.0 11.693×16.535 3,508×4,961
A4 210×297 21.0×29.7 8.268×11.693 2,480×3,508
A5 148×210 14.8×21.0 5.827×8.268 1,748×2,480
A6 105×148 10.5×14.8 4.134×5.827 1,240×1,748

From the table above, we can, therefore, conclude that A3 is half of A2, A4 is half of A3, A5 is half of A4, A6 is half of A5 and so on. The smaller the paper number the larger the size.

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